With my two great loves, a digital camera and a computer, I create fine art images which are original and eye-catching!
Every image is created from my own original photographs, drawings or paintings and produced to a high quality
I have also made the natural progression into Photo Restoration.
A damaged family photograph can be heartbreaking but I am, usually, able to restore the image to it's original state with great care and attention
I hope that you enjoy looking through my galleries

I would always welcome feedback and I believe that one is never too old to learn !!
Commissions undertaken. I also carry out photograph restoration.

If you have any comments or questions please contact me via the "Contact" page or at

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Here are some other places you can purchase my work:

FineArt America


Zazzle & Zazzle gifts

If you would like to purchase greeting cards or prints (any size) please contact me via the "Contact" page or at These can even be personalised!

Aspire Magazine Issue 391/392 (an interview with Sheila Laurens)
Combining her two great loves - photography and computers - Sheila Laurens produces high quality, modern fine art.
Despite being colour-blind she creates eye-catching and vibrant images using her own original drawings, paintings or photographs.
“I have always wanted to paint and draw but whenever I did, the colours were flat due to my colour-blindness. However, I took a few pieces I had painted and decided to try and improve them using the computer. I actually came up with some decent images and it started from there! I was always interested in photography but by blending my love of photography with my love for editing, I began to create vibrant and unique art. I have been selling my work through a number of websites, namely FineArt America and RedBubble and I still find it amazing to think that there are people from all over the world who have my artwork in their homes."
Courtesy of ASPIRE Magazine issues 391/392