Old Perithia

The deserted village of Old Perithia in northern Corfu is located roughly in the middle of Pantokratoras mountain.
You are greeted by the belfry and church of Saint Lakovo of Persi. A short walk reveals a ghost village.
Around 130 buildings, including another church/chapel, a school and houses built from local stone, based on Venetian architecture, now stand derelict.
The residents began to abandon the village due to it’s remote location and lack of facilities. The school was in use until 1940.
Recently the municipality of Thinalion which administrates the village, has begun a program to rescue this important piece of the island’s history and some of the buildings (or shells) can be purchased for renovation.

Ref: Old Perithia, Corfu

Location: Old Perithia, Corfu, Greece

Photographer: Sheila Laurens